About Arab Bank Verified By Visa / Mastercard Secure Code Service
Arab Bank Verified By Visa / MasterCard Secure Code Service is a simple to use service which makes it more convenient for you to shop online safely using your Arab Bank credit card. You will create a Password, which you will use to verify your transactions every time you shop online.

Customer Contact Center
For any assistance, please contact our Customer Contact Center at +962 6 4600900, 24 hours.

Verification Text:
You will create your own Verification Text. This will appear on the screen that prompts you for your password. Every time you see your own Verification Text on screen you will know that you are using genuine Arab Bank Verified By Visa / Mastercard Secure Code Service, otherwise, you must not enter your Password

User Name
When you register your card you will be asked to create a User Name. The username should be between 6 and 16 alphanumeric and may contain upper case and lower case characters and number.

For more security and once you register your card in the service you will be asked to create your own User Name & Password. Every time you shop online you will be prompted to provide your Password as part of the checkout process. Your password must be:
1. Password must be at least 6 characters long with a maximum of 16 characters.
2. Password must have at least one number and one letter.
3. Password must not contain any spaces.
4. Password cannot be the same as your user name.
5. Password is case sensitive.
6. Password may contain any of the following special character (! $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / @ : = ?).